If people think your wedding photos are cute, they should meet you two in person! I noticed Ash kissed your arm oh so lightly while you leaned over her to sign one of your books for me at MoCCA Fest. It was so sweet. We need more affectionate couples <3


I just hope nobody heard the weird noises Ash and I make at each other. We’re one of those obnoxious couples that has our own language.  It’s one thing to do it at home but we do it in front of other people sometimes and I forget it’s weird until I see them making a face at me. OH WELL.

Cute Couples Forever. ^_^


The Unbelievable Crystal Caves of Naica, Mexico

Hidden 300 meters below the earth, Naica’s Cave of Crystals is a site of sheer magnificent beauty. A big geode of red walls filled with selenite crystals of extraordinary shapes and sizes were accidentally discovered during the exploration of a mine. This mineral wonderland is a site of extreme scientific interest and an extraordinary natural phenomena.

Located in Chihuahua, Mexico, the Naica caves were discovered when a mining facility pumped an immense amount of water out of the ground to continue to mining. When the water was drained out of the caves, an extraordinary natural treasure was discovered. The crystals discovered represent the most extraordinary examples of selenite ever found. By chance, four caves of unique characteristics and sizes have been discovered. Although all four caves contain stunning crystals, only one of the caves in particular features the mammoth crystals seen above, the Crystals’ Cave.

The Crystals’ Cave is one of the world’s most spectacular geographical discoveries of all time. The cave features giant selenite crystals of a size never seen before. Most of them measure six meters in length, with some of them reaching eleven meters. The temperature at this depth varies from 45°C to 50°C, while the percentage of humidity ranges from 90 to 100%, meaning that humans cannot survive there for longer than two hours.

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Well, it becomes consensual by the end, because anything for them ultimately results in a turn-on, especially a power struggle… That’s one of my favorite scenes I’ve ever done.

Director Alex Graves regarding the Jaime/Cersei rape scene on Game of Thrones.

"It’s one thing to present horrific acts in fictional media; it’s another to present a horrific act and deny that it is horrific, particularly when it happens to be disturbingly commonplace in real life and frequently denied its significance and legitimacy in that precise way.”

-Laura Hudson, Wired 

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